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Electric and Gas zip codes

Detailed boundary data

Utility Boundaries

Matching U.S. and Canadian Zip Codes to Electric and Gas Companies

InteliMap's Electric & Gas Boundaries match U.S. zip codes (and 6 digit Canadian Postal Codes) to electric and gas utilities. Each zip code is assigned a primary energy supplier of electricity or gas. The database also identifies all secondary suppliers that may supply energy to any given zip code.

For the U.S. market, InteliMap identifies zip code territories for approximately 2,300 electric companies (including 800 electric Coops) and 1,500 gas companies. The total boundary file exceeds 110 thousand zip code records. The Boundaries include investor owned companies, municipalities, cooperatives as well as federal and state agencies. Each investor owned utility is linked to its respective parent company.

For the Canadian market, InteliMap matches approximately 180 electric companies and 80 gas companies to Canada's 6 digit postal code. The total Canadian file exceeds 1.7 million postal codes.

InteliMap is now providing U.S. Boundaries by Zip+4

Using GIS software, InteliMap matches client lat-long information to its Boundary data to recreate a detailed boundary file based on Zip+4. These Zip+4 boundaries are especially attractive to energy marketers because they neatly handles the issues of contacting prospects in zips codes that are serviced by two utility companies. Please inquire for more information.

Energy rate & emissions data can be appended to the boundary files

Using Department of Energy information, InteliMap is able to append residential, commercial and industrial rates to it's U.S. and Canadian boundary files. Additionally, InteliMap electric zip codes have been matched to EPA eGrid subregion allowing us to score each zip code with corresponding emissions data.

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