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Government Buyers List

By tracking individual purchases, InteliMap can create prospect lists base on actual purchasing activity

InteliMap offers two key databases under its Government Buyers List (GBL): SmartPay Credit Card holders and GSA Advantage buyers. Both of these lists identify key decision makers with proven buying authority to make purchases for their department. Our ability to track individual transactions provides our clients with the confidence that they are reaching decision makers that have a specific interest in the products they are offering.


SmartPay purchase cards are used by government employees to streamline the government's acquisition process. InteliMap currently tracks 170,000+ federal buyers that have been issued SmartPay cards and, since we track each individual transaction by SIC code and vendor, we can segment our lists by a buyer's purchasing activity. For instance, our customers can license a list of buyers who have purchased goods and services under SIC Code 5085 (Industrial Supplies) or they can narrow the list to select all buyers that have made purchases from a specific office supply vendor.

GSA Advantage:

GSA Advantage buyers purchase goods off government schedules via the GSA Advantage website. InteliMap currently tracks more than 40,000 buyers and their transactions. While this list is smaller than the SmartPay list, InteliMap can track each transaction down to a product level. For instance, InteliMap can provide lists of buyers purchasing everything from pencils and pads, to nuts and bolts, to computer mouses.

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