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Utility Boundaries Data

Competitive Market Analysis

InteliMap provides niche data solutions that help clients pinpoint their customer base.

Utility Boundaries:

With its line of Electric & Gas Boundaries, InteliMap provides data to utility companies, government agencies, non-profit environmental organizations, energy service companies, energy suppliers and large lighting manufacturers. The Boundaries are used within many different applications, from identifying carbon offsets and emissions, to GIS mapping, to identifying energy customers to calculating retrofit payback scenarios.

Government Buyers Lists (GBL):

GBL identifies government buyers based on their purchasing activity. With data on each transaction, these lists can be segmented based on a buyer's purchasing patterns. For instance, GBL can identify all office supply buyers that utilize Smart Pay credit cards for the office. Or, the lists can generate tables of buyers who have purchased from a single vendor (e.g. OfficeMax).

Research & Analysis:

Using it's knowledge of government data, InteliMap provides reports to support competitive and market analysis within the government contracting market. The company's marketing staff produces agency reports, company reports and rankings of potential teammates and competitors. As part of it's research & analysis offerings, InteliMap also provides freedom of information request services (FOIA).

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